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Nice Projects create welcoming, enjoyable, inspiring homes, workplaces, retail and hospitality spaces.


We are Simone McEwan and Sacha Leong. We have honed our spacemaking skills through a combined 35 years of commercial practice, working with a diverse range of renowned studios and prestigious brands producing exceptional interiors all over the world.


Our experience and cross-disciplinary skillset allow us to deliver complete creative vision as well as implementation on projects of all scales, timeframes and budgets. We work closely with clients throughout the life of a project, ensuring a cohesive, smooth process at every stage, from briefing to post-occupancy.


We believe in a global language of design that celebrates the local. We are committed to creating memorable, individual interiors without compromising on sustainability and longevity.

Photography by David Thompson


Studio 20
Sunbury Workshops
Swanfield Street
London E2 7LF

London & Sydney

Using rope as the medium and metaphor, we were invited to create a site-specific commission for the British Council’s UK/Vietnam Season 2023, ‘Mother Goddess of the Three Realms’ exhibition. The bench was chosen as an object to encourage dwell time and the exchange of ideas. Designed and built in-house, this hemp rope and wooden frame bench became a place to play, commune and relax. This prototype remains at Centre 151 for the community's continued use.

Rope Bench Close

Rope Bench

Rope Bench